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NCUSA Weather/Field Decision Updates

Date Posted: 6/2/2013

4 Ways to get Weather/Field information from NCUSA:

1. Click here for NC United Soccer Field Status 

2. Sign-up for Rained-Out.com Click HERE to receive TEXT alerts. 

3. Text NCUSATXTIN to 84483 to receive TEXT alerts.

4. Weather Hotline (WEEKENDS ONLY): 1-866-220-5274.  If you call the Weather Hotline and do not hear a current message specific to the field on which you are scheduled to play, your fields are open and games will be played as scheduled.


  • Weekday decisions will be posted by 3pm; GRUBB weekdays by 430pm.
  • Saturday decisions (ALL FIELDS) will be posted by 8am.
  • Sunday decisions will be posted by 10am.
  • CH/SL = Challenge/Select fields
  • CL = Classic fields
  • REC = Recreation fields