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Risk Management

NCUnitedSA Risk Management Policy/Procedure:

You MUST have a current NCYSA coach’s card on your person at all times, while in contact with (“participating”) a NCUSA Recreation, NCUSA Competitive and/or NCUSA affiliated booster club player (“NCUSA player”).
Note:  Obtaining a coach’s card is a multi-step process, with many delay possibilities.  Please allow plenty of time to receive your card before you are required to participate with your players.
1.    You are selected to coach by a DOC, Head Coach, Director, Liaison, Booster club or other club official (“club official”).
2.    The club official must email your name, email address, phone number, position, and team name to riskmanagement@ncunitedsoccer.com.
3.    Finish reading this procedure and complete the RM application (link at end). ***Please select the NCYSA Member Association as "NC United Soccer Association".
4.    You will receive a confirmation from NCYSA and you must forward (a copy) of this to riskmanagement@ncunitedsoccer.com.    
6.    You must email a scan or photo of your current driver license or photo ID to riskmanagement@ncunitedsoccer.com (used to identify you and obtain a picture for your coach’s card). 
7.    Upon receipt of the above documents, your application will be processed by NCYSA.  The approval process can take anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks.  You are still not approved and you MUST NOT participate during this time.
8.    When you are approved by NCYSA, you will be assigned to your team in the NCYSA database and your coach’s card will be sent to NCUnitedSA.
9.    Upon receipt of your card by NCUnitedSA, your picture will be attached, card laminated, and sent to your club official.
10.  Your club official will give you your card and you MAY NOW PARTICIPATE!

To complete NCYSA Risk Management follow this link:  RISK MANAGEMENT