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NCUnitedSA Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are all the different levels of play within NCUnitedSA?
NCUnitedSA currently offers 2 general levels of in line with NCYSA: Recreation and Competitive (Challenge and Classic).
• Recreation Soccer is open to all youth who wish to enjoy the benefits of team work, camaraderie, and sportsmanship, regardless of their level of ability. Beginning at age 4, the league offers a non-competitive environment where children can play the game for the sheer joy of doing so.
• Challenge soccer is the next step above the recreational league. It is a competitive league that holds tryouts to select its teams. Challenge soccer is for those players that are ready to truly learn the sport and are ready to take the next step both physically and mentally.
• Classic Soccer provides the highest level of club competition offered by the NCYSA. Starting at the U11 age group, Classic Soccer offers a step up in intensity and talent from the Challenge League. It is a competitive league that holds tryouts to select its teams. Classic soccer requires a higher level of commitment than Challenge League but provides the benefits and satisfaction of playing with and against the best competition across the State of North Carolina. Played on a state wide level, Classic splits teams into 3 Divisions. The lowest being the 2nd Division, next the 1st Division, with the Premier Division at the top.
        • Teams enter Classic play in the 2nd Division and can move through the divisions by earning promotion (up a division) or relegation (down a division). After each season the top finishing teams in each division are promoted, while unsuccessful teams are relegated to the next lowest division.
2. How are the money/fees spent, that I pay to the Club?
Generally the money paid by parents to the NCUnitedSA are Membership/Club Fees and are dependent on the level of play with Recreation, generally, being the least expensive and Classic being the most expensive.
  •Membership fees are paid to NCUnitedSA directly covering General business expenses (postage, weather line telephone, paper, etc.), website, landscaping, sanitation, referee Fees, NCYSA Fees (intent to play, insurance, registration, etc.), Field maintenance (rental/ purchase, turf care, lining), facility equipment (goals, corner flags), team game balls, player practice balls, NCYSA / USSF Licensed Coaches, Professional Skills Training, NCYSA insurance, HPU camp.
3. What other costs might I incur during the season?
Other costs that generally need to be paid by parents are Team Fee and Individual Fee. Each of these categories is very dependent on the level of play with Recreation, generally, being the least expensive and Classic being the most expensive. Neither of these fees goes through NCUnitedSA.
• Team fees are additional fees that are paid directly to Team Treasurer/Manager/Coach to support things the team wants to do such as tournament costs, pink socks, etc.
• Individual player fees are paid directly to shops and/or vendors. For example Team Uniforms, bags from Soccer Shop, shoes from Sports Store, Water bottles, etc.
4. How do I make Payments? (Is there a Minimum Payment?)
• Payments can be made ONLINE via NCUnitedSoccer.org (preferred, first login) OR
• Mailed directly to NCUnited Soccer, P.O. Box 928 Welcome, NC 27374
        •If you are mailing a CHECK please include the PLAYER NAME, TEAM Name (age and color) and COACH. If mailing checks for multiple players, please create separate checks. Please DO NOT SEND CASH.

• If for any reason you are having trouble making payments please to reach-out to us rather than not pay.

• Whether you receive FINANCIAL AID or NOT please make an effort to pay something EVERY period. ANY payment of the club fees shows good faith even if it is only, for example, $20 per month. We are absolutely willing to work with you as long as you are making an effort to pay.
• Please NOTE: No payments received within last 30 days will cause forfeiture of player cards, i.e. your player cannot play in games.
• Online payments do NOT allow a user to specify the amount of the payment. This is set by the original payment plans specified in the PAYMENT Policy.
        •Treasurer may make changes to payment plan as requested by members.
5. How do I know if games/ practices are canceled Due to Weather?
4 Ways to get information about FIELD changes (practices and games) due to Weather.
  1. Click here for NCUnitedSA Field Status
  2. Sign-up for Rained-Out.com Click HERE to receive TEXT alerts.
  3. Text NCUSATXTIN to 84483 to receive TEXT alerts.
  4. Weather Hotline (WEEKENDS ONLY): 1-866-220-5274. If you call the Weather Hotline and do not hear a current message specific to the field on which you are scheduled to play, your fields are open and games will be played as scheduled.

• Weekday decisions will be generally by 2pm.
• Saturday decisions will be posted by 8am.
• Sunday decisions will be posted by 10am.
• CH = Challenge fields
• CL = Classic fields
• REC = Recreation fields
6. I know someone who loves to play soccer and I have mentioned NCUnitedSA but they say "it costs too much!" Is there financial assistance available?
Financial Assistance is available to those families/players who qualify. Find the Financial Assistance Application (FA application) can be found HERE and en Espanol aqui .

• Please note that all families are required to pay, at a minimum, the tryout/registration fees AND 100% of the POSITION Acceptance fee (deposit) on their child's NCUnitedSA Clubs fees. These fees are not covered by Financial Assistance.
• Certain other non-financial requirements of the parents/families/players are outlined in the FA application.
7. Does NCUnitedSA offer a multi child/sibling discount?
No discounts are currently available through NCUnitedSA. NCUnitedSA is an all-volunteer organization which allows us to keep our costs as LOW as possible. All of our coaches, board members, etc. are volunteers who work hard ensure the best is done for the children and families who are members of NCUnitedSA.
8. What happens if I am having trouble paying my membership fees?
Whether you receive FINANCIAL AID or not we encourage every family/parent to make an effort to pay something every month/period. ANY amount of payment of the club fees shows good faith even if it is only, for example, $20 per month. We are absolutely willing to work with you as long as you are making an effort to pay AND you make an active effort to reach out to us. We cannot read minds.

It is the goal of NCUnitedSA to ensure ALL players who want to play have a chance to play. And we are always willing to work with all parents in the payment of their fees.
9. What do I do if I have a problem or concern?
NCUnitedSA is an all-volunteer organization and sometimes we make mistake. We ask that you please be patient with us and reach-out when there are questions. If this does not resolve your question or you don't get an answer then...

1. Ask your coach. If you don't feel comfortable talking to your coach or you don't get an answer then...
2. You should contact the appropriate Director of Coaching (DOC). If you don't feel comfortable talking to DOC or you don't get an answer then...
3. You should contact the appropriate Board Member: President/Vice President for general issues; Treasurer for payment/money issues; Secretary for communications issues; Webmaster for website issues.
10. Does NCUnitedSA have insurance for players?
All NCYSA registered team members, coaches, managers, referees, officials, and volunteers of the teams, leagues or of the association through NCUnitedSA have Accidental Medical & Death and Dismemberment benefits through NCYSA. Details can be found here NCYSA Insurance Claims
11. What about Tryouts? When are they held and how long are they? Is there a fee? What happens at the Tryouts?
There are 2 types of tryouts: Annual and Supplemental.
Annual tryouts are held at the end of each season in MAY and are always advertised on the NCUnitedSoccer.com webpage. For annual tryouts there is an online pre-registration process that NCUnitedSA encourages every parent to us. Online registration process will speed up the onsite check-in.

Annual tryouts will last for 4 total nights, 2 nights of boys and 2 nights of girls alternating each night with younger age groups trying out during the early hours and old ages later in the evening.

Supplemental tryouts are can be held anytime at the discretion of each individual coach.

Each tryout fee is $10 paid before the annual tryouts.

At each tryout various NCYSA/USSF Licensed coaches will evaluate each player to determine the correct skill level of each player, age group, and level of play.
12. How do Coaches decide on who makes the team?
NCYSA/USSF Licensed coaches confidently rank players (in the same age group) based on General Attributes (Position, Focus, Athleticism, Speed, Quickness, Agility), Technical Proficiencies (Ball Control, Passing Accuracy, Shooting, 1v1 Attack, 1v1 Defense) , and Tactical Proficiencies (On Ball Decisions, Off Ball Decisions).
13. Are there volunteer opportunities? If so, who do we contact?
Yes NCUnitedSA is always looking for volunteers and opportunities exist at many times during the season. To volunteer please contact the SpecialEventsCoordinator@NCUnitedSoccer.com to find out what, when and where.

Financial Assistance recipients are expected to volunteer at least ONE (1) hour for every $100 of Financial Assistance Awarded. This requirement can easily be met during tournaments (3v3, Friendlies), Annual Tryouts and other special events that NCUSA hosts. Each Financial Assistance recipient must volunteer a minimum of 2 hours regardless of the amount rewarded.
14. Can I make t-shirts for my child's team? Am I allowed to use the NCUnitedSA logo?
Of course you can make t-shirt for your child's team. We suggest that you work with your team's coach and team manager to help identify players and sizes. To use the official NCUnitedSA logo on clothing including team t-shirts please contact The Soccer Shop in Winston-Salem. The Soccer Shop is the NCUnitedSA exclusive vendor for our uniforms and our logo.

The NCUnitedSA logo + some other noticeable brand other than PUMA is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and would put the Club at risk for losing our sponsorship, so when in doubt please ask the question.
15. Where can I find background/experience information on coaches within NCUnitedSA?
NCUnited is in the processing of collecting this information. Please keep an eye out under the STAFF page on our home page for this information. Staff Bio's and Experience
16. Are there plans for NCUnitedSA to have its own soccer complex?
NCUnitedSA is working on plans to have our own soccer complex as well as working with local business to use their complexes as well. However it is too early in the process to give any details. Please check back frequently for updates.
17. Do you offer NCUnitedSA merchandise? If so, how do I find out what is available and place an order?
Yes we do offer NCUnitedSA merchandise and Fan wear throughout the year. Current selections can always be found here and can be ordered directly with the Soccer Shop, the exclusive NCUnitedSA uniform and clothing vendor. As NCUnitedSA is and official PUMA sponsored club, appropriate PUMA gear purchased can generally be taken to the Soccer Shop logo'ing.
18. How is NCUnitedSA different from other clubs in our area?
NCUnitedSA is different from other clubs in our area because we are PROUD to be an all-volunteer organization. All of our coaches, board members, etc. are volunteers who work hard ensure the best is done for the children and families who are members of NCUnitedSA. This allows us to keep our costs lower than other clubs. Our classic coaches do received a supplement to help cover their expenses.
19. Are donations to NCUnited tax deductible?
NCUnitedSA is a 503(c) and donations to the club are tax deductible.
Donations made directly to specific teams are not tax deductible.
For donations to be tax deductible they must:
1. Come directly to the CLUB, i.e. NCUnitedSA is the name on the check.
      a. The money is not directed any further than to be placed in the "team fund" (as held by NCUnitedSA).
2. Requested or received nothing in exchange for the donations, i.e. advertising, tournament funds, etc.
      a. The difference in exchange value and the donation is deductible if it meets the other criteria.
3. The money has to be used to pay for items in the "team fund". Membership fees are the only items NCUnited tracks at a team level.
      For a donation to be fully tax deductible must go through the treasury and be applied to team membership fees. We CANNOT just (receive and) pass the money back out to the team --> This is illegal.
Charitable Gifts that may not qualify.
IRS Charitable Gifts
     If NCUnitedSA deems a donation as tax deductible the Treasurer will send the appropriate tax deduction letter.