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College Bound


If you are a current NCUSA player committed to a College or University please email your information name, college/university commited to and the year you graduated high school to webmaster for inclusion into site.

NCUSA is committed to helping our players acheive the next level.  
How to get recurited for college athletics? Sample letter to college coaches NCAA Sports Listing


NCUSA players who are College/University bound...

Player   College/University yr HS Grad
Katie DeZego '94 NCUSA Ladies Orange Catawba 2013
Adam Davis '94 NCUSA Men's Orange  Catawba 2013
Richard Gilbert '94 NCUSA Men's Orange Catawba 2013
Emma McGovern  '94 NDSL Lady Sidekicks Lees-McRae 2013
Abby Ramsdell  '94 NDSL Lady Sidekicks Pfeiffer 2013
Sierra Hutchins  U18G DCUSA Salem College 2012
Heather Huffman '94 NDSL Lady Sidekicks Salem College 2012
Samantha Barron  '93 NDSL Lady Sidekicks  Converse 2011
Lindsay Leonard '91 NDSL Lady Sidekicks Brevard College 2010
Tyler Beall '91 NDSL Sidekicks Greensboro College 2010